Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or simply ACT, brings together Mindfulness, Acceptance, Commitment, and Values based living. Rather than trying to get rid of emotional pain, which leads us to suffering, ACT teaches us to be present with and accepting of what is going on in our life so that we can move forward with Value Led behaviour.

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We learn to make space for our emotional experience rather than fighting it or trying to avoid situations where it might occur. ACT helps us to develop psychological flexibility, skills to cope well, and still live life in a way that is meaningful to us, rather than being trapped in our own head. We learn to “get out of our minds and into our lives”.

What to expect?

As with CBT and DBT, we will spend the first few sessions developing a shared understanding of your problems, and I will ask you to really consider the kind of life you want to live. Commitment is a big part of ACT and you will be given skills to practice between sessions to help you develop your balance in the move away from suffering, towards flexibility, and value led behaviours and living.